Refrigeration Compression
Refrigeration Compression
Refrigeration Compression

In many industries, from oil refineries to petrochemical plants, many key operations require refrigeration for temperature-specific processes. Moreover, it is crucial that every compressor seal and coupling maintain high-level of performance and reliability. From our products, customers can not only get optimal efficiency in low-temperature applications, they can also reduce energy consumption and achieve strict environmental standards for hazardous materials such as industrial refrigerants.


Multi-purpose, non-pusher elastomer bellows seal available in single, double and balanced arrangements

Equipment Service
Topbon provide plant equipment maintenance as well as repair, removal and reinstallation services
Realiability Service
Topbon Reliability Support services assess equipment reliability and performance
Asset Managemnet

Topbon offers customers a whole view of their current systems to help spot unleveraged opportunities.


Topbon  provides a wide range of training courses that cover the correct procedures for installing, operating and maintaining equipment components.