Power Generation
Power Generation
Power Generation

Power generation facilities are an important part of a successful economy, especially those treating nuclear, geothermal, or fossil power. Nowadays, the mechanical reliability of a power plant is vital for the people living around it that benefit from its production. Facilities also need to solve environmental and economic concerns to keep up with daily increase in demand for power.

TOPBON is experienced in manufacturing economic solutions for all power generation applications, including fly ash pumps, as well as other high-temperature and high-pressure options.

Full convolution, industrial duty elastomer bellows shaft seal

·         Hydropower

Upstream Plant, Water Turbines, Generators, Electrical Plant, General On-Site Plant

·         Nuclear Power

Fuel Processing, Power Generation, Waste Processing, Transportation and Storage

·         Wind Energy

Slew Bearing Seals, Tension Control Fasteners, Blade Root Seals, Vibration Attenuation, Gearbox/Generator Seals

·         Tidal and Wave Energy

Tidal Barrages, Tidal Turbines, Wave Energy Systems