What is considered good life for a mechanical seal?

What is considered good life for a mechanical seal?

①The only part of a mechanical seal that is supposed to be sacrificial is the carbon face. The seal should run leak free until the carbon face is worn away. if the seal leaks for any other reason we consider it a premature failure and always correctable.

②Two hard faces are selected when carbon is not acceptable in the application and you have run out of options. you are then trying to get the longest life you can.

③The only variable in seal life should be the lubricating quality of the of the product you're sealing. Hot water, many gases and most solvents are typical non-lubricants.

④With all of that said, the fact is that in excess of eight-five percent of mechanical seals fail prematurely. When seals are remove from the running pump most of the carbon face is still intact. Little face wear is the rule not the exception.

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